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Crypto Trust Fund’s objective is to assist the development efforts of the low-income member countries whose economic and social conditions and prospects require concessional financing. We provide top-notch business investment for potential Investors worldwide. The minimum to start with is $50, Receive profit daily, Earn up to 50% weekly from your extra money. We accept diverse cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Perfect money.

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About us

Why choose us?

We have a very strong presence in North & South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Caribbean.

Crypto Trust Fund Organization is a UK-registered company specializing in day trading operations in a number of markets which include Crypto Staking, Crypto Trading, Stock Markets, Real Estate, and Forex. We aim to provide investment opportunities for all investors who wish to make a profit quickly with low risk. In addition, our diverse projects are offered to investors who wish to diversify their income sources and maintain a long time of partnership.

Crypto Trading Growth
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How To Invest



Basic Plan

Deposit Excluded
3% daily
Minimum Deposit Plan- $50 | Maximum Deposit- $900
Duration: 7 Days

Standard Plan

Deposit Excluded
5% daily
Minimum Deposit Plan- $2000 | Maximum Deposit- $9500
Duration: 14 Days

VIP Plan

Deposit Excluded
7% daily
Minimum Deposit Plan- $9500 | Maximum Deposit- $100000
Duration: 14 Days

Stocks Plan

Deposit Included
15% Daily
Minimum Deposit Plan- $500 | Maximum Deposit- $11500
Duration: 90 Days

Real Estates Plan

Deposit Included
33% Daily
Minimum Deposit Plan- $9500 | Maximum Deposit- $50500
Duration: 90 Days

Partnership Plan

Deposit Included
75% Daily
Minimum Deposit Plan- $50500 | Maximum Deposit- $1000000
Duration: 90 Days

Professional Team

We are a team of professional traders in Crypto Trading, Forex, Crypto Exchange, Real Estates, and Crypto Mining with the knowledge of profit making.

Protection and Safety

We are using one of the most experienced, professional, and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider for our investment platform.

Interest Payments

Payments are available 24 hours a day. We accept diverse cryptocurrencies for deposits & withdrawals which allows flexibility for investors.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Our control panel is designed to be the most secure and user-friendly and it has a wide variety of features for deposits and withdrawals.

Great Customer Support

We provide professional expert support 24/7. Our online Chat is ready to respond to your every need.

Secured Wallet

For every dollar Invested we have it backed by sophisticated hardware. Choose when and how much to withdraw.

Our Company's Growth is Really Incredible!

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.
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